Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Got a blending board!

My DH asked what I wanted for Christmas and all that I could think of was a blending board. I suggested Brother's because of the lower price point and he got it for me....

My first effort was just all wrong and a few You Tube videos later (I enjoyed Gwen Powell's videos very much: Using a Clemes and Clemes Blending Board) I was able to make rolags easily, if not neatly. I also managed to draw blood twice so do be careful and do make sure your tetanus is up to date. Here are a few pics:

Painting the board

Pushing the fiber onto the tines with a paintbrush

Carding the fiber onto the board

Starting first rolag

First rolag off the board

Last rolag

A mess o' rolags

A word about selecting a blending board....carding cloth is expensive and I suspect that is the main reason for the price of these tools. There are only about 3 companies that manufacture carding cloth in the world so features become important. So far  I'm pleased with my selection and you can find boards that cost a lot more and a lot less.