Thursday, October 15, 2015

Resource: Patterns for Art Yarns

I love spinning art yarn! These can be called textured or novelty yarns but whatever you call them, they are fun. I've been asked a few times  how these yarns can be used. In addition to a prior blog post (Yarn Craft), I've collected a few patterns that work well:

1 .One Piece Magic Cardigan by Lynn M. Wilson

2. High Flying Kite Art Yarn Shawl by Anna Clark

3. Ozark Handspun makes some delicious yarn; they also have patterns: Ozark Mountain Handspun Patterns

And don't forget the easy stuff like a dropped stitch scarf. Co 9 or 12 stitches with size 13 needles ( or larger). 1st row and all odd no. rows: "ko, yo to end". 2nd row and all even rows: "ko, drop the "yarn over" from the previous row, to end". The texture of the yarn will make this scarf very special.