Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's a Hat!

It's finished! Started this last February and set it aside for too long. Here's the pattern: 
Noro Hat

I did a flat top for my hat instead of the pointed one in the pattern. With 96 stitches, k 10, k2tog for one round , knit one round. K 9 then k 2 tog one round, knit one round, k 8 then k2 tog  followed by a knit round and etc. I left a long tail and crocheted that for a cute little loop on the top of the hat.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Been Knittin'

I haven't posted too much this year. I have been knitting. A lot. Although I have been knitting for about 50 years (no kidding), I am not a particularly dedicated knitter nor am I particularly talented. Wools, yarns and spinning wheels interest me more. Well, I signed up for a class at The Sheep Shack in Holden, MA, back in January and I am still going. I've completed 1.5 a pair of socks, a whole sweater (that is actually wearable!!!), a hat, half a shawl. 1/4 of a sweater and about 1/30th of another sweater. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn but I'm really enjoying myself. Sadly, I haven't spun much but I think these knitting classes will come in handy when DH retires in a couple of years. Clearly,  I haven't conquered the problem of having too many projects going at once.

Oh, and we got a puppy.