Friday, January 22, 2016

Love at First Spin

I adore spinning wheels and the more the merrier. If you travel to any spin-ins, guild meetings or fiber shows, I'm sure you've seen a Lendrum; it's the one that tilts back towards the spinner. Well, Web's was having its Bag Sale....everything 20% off. EVERYTHING. I couldn't resist getting another wheel and I just couldn't resist the Lendrum. 

What a wheel!!!!! It's smooth as silk, the bobbins are easy to change and the range of ratios make the thing incredibly versatile. I don't usually care to be tied to a wheel as you are with a double treadle but I don't mind at all with my Lendrum.  I've done some super fine yarn, plied and spun some funky art yarn and it didn't miss a beat.

The complete package included a plying flyer and a lace flyer and the wheel folds for travel. There's a reason you see these wheels everywhere; the Lendrum upright is a wonderful thing.

Monday, January 4, 2016


I've never, ever had one of these grow to bloom. I got this one, already potted from a clearance rack.