I really should have posted this long ago but I am just not very good about writing about my
own life. But, here goes. I am a Registered Nurse, now retired. I grew up in Atlanta and when I married my husband (he is my second and last), we agreed to find a way to move to New England someday. Why New England?  I get the question all the time.

In New England, we have seasons; real seasons with minus zero, snow filled winters to blistering, humid summers and I love every minute of every season. The Fall here is amazing and the Spring, ahhhh. Also, there is a lot of old stuff around here and I adore old stuff;  old buildings, old shops, antiques, farms, stores, history....old stuff.  And another reason; there's so much to do. A day at the beach is an hour away. There is a lake for swimming within walking distance and scads more of them all over New England. There are great trails for walking and big mountains are close by.  We can visit any of a number of States and go to all the fab festivals that are all over the place most of the year. This year, I think the first is either an Asparagus Festival  or a Sheep to Shawl thing. And, if I could snow ski, I could snow ski within 30 minutes of my house.  Oh, and don't forget, the great people around here and we even get fresh milk from a dairy down the road and fresh eggs and veggies in season. These are some of the reasons we love New England.

As for the spinning....I think I've said elsewhere that I am a forth generation spinner. My Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Aunt all were/are hand spinners. There was a lovely saxony wheel in my bedroom when I was little. I have loved yarn and fabric and paints and pens and threads and all that goes along with each of these since I was a kid. My Grandmother and two of my Aunts actually made their livings selling their beautiful handiwork. My dear Aunt Polly actually has some of her stuff in the Smithsonian. My mom was more of a fine artist so I got to play with paints and canvas and etc. My Grandmother taught me to knit, crochet and do crewel work. I taught myself to quilt. So, I guess making stuff  is just in my blood. (I recently taught my niece to spin so now there are five generations.) Of all the things that I have been able to try over the years, I  always seemed to come back to yarn.

After I retired, I began to dabble in some of my former hobbies but I kept thinking about spinning.  My Aunt sent me a drop spindle and some wool and I read and watched everything that I could get my hands on. Ultimately, I bought the Kiwi and have been spinning about every day since.

I am so very lucky that my husband is so supportive. All he asks is that he still has a place to sit. I'm up to five wheels now and another one is on the way soon (shhhhh). Right now, there is an Aura, a Kiwi, a Country Craftsman, a Roadbug and a Schacht- Reeves 30 inch. There is fiber all over the house and carders and combs, a loom, and oh my! I have been so tickled to be able to sell a little of my yarn on Etsy. It makes me smile. I'm less able to knit than I used to be (bad arthritis) so seeing the yarn get to someone who will use it is wonderful.

Last, a word about Jake and Travis, our wonderful dogs. Travis, the Jack Russell is about 9 and sadly, has a severe seizure problem. Fortunately, it is controlled now but he has to take  three different medications. The meds have changed him but he is a good little guy with a kind heart. Jake is a puppy. I've no idea what Jake is...maybe some Pug. He is an impish little sweetheart and not a day passes where he doesn't do something to make us howl laughing.