Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shearing Day

I have a wonderful friend that owns an alpaca farm; I've written about Kate and Great Rock Alpacas before. Well, this Thursday past was shearing day. What a day and what hard work!!!! There were 74 alpaca to be sheared. Now, I've seen sheep getting sheared and they just seem to relax and get a faraway look in their eyes. Not so with alpaca! Most of them put up a pretty good fight and man, do they make a racket when they are upset.

It was a busy day and I met some very nice folks. The affair started early; I got to the farm at 8:30 and they had already been working for an hour. Once a good crowd arrived to help, I got to start skirting the alpaca fleeces with some old and some new friends. Kate's alpacas have some super nice fleece and the shearer did a great job. So, I spent the afternoon with friends and fleece.....a good thing.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Scenic Overlook: Rt. 202

The Daniel Shays Highway is a pretty drive that climbs high above the Quabbin Reservoir here in Massachusetts. There is a turn-off that we have been meaning to take that overlooks the valley. Well, we took the turn and look what we saw:

Here's a link to a good article about Daniel Shay:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's spinning....

Jacob fleece is my current project. I just adore this fiber. Here is a picture of some of the yarn that I have spun; this is from the ram named Hector.

Here is some lilac colored lamb fleece before washing:

And the clean fleece, batts and yarn after washing. This lilac was a remnant from a bigger fleece that felted on the sheep. I only have a little bit (and that thanks to the kind shepherd). It is spinning into the most lovely silver color.

The white batts are more of Hector's fiber and here is some more yarn from his fleece:

The Velveteen Rhinoceros

This sad little green rhino was Jake's very favorite and most beautiful, excellent toy for weeks and weeks. He loved the little thing even after its horn fell was gnawed off and one ear had worn been chewed away. And now, poor toy found abandoned and bedraggled where the had snow melted....

Travis Takes a Nap

Travis taking a nap. I think he might have started to wake up when I was taking his picture. Check out that sporty new collar!  

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival

I love wool and fiber festivals and so I'm  lucky to live in New England. There are about eight shows that are within reasonable driving distance (including Rhinebeck!). This past week was the New Hampshire show. We (dear long-suffering husband and I) hadn't been to this one in two years so it was great to go.  One of the nice things about this show is the fleece sale. The fleeces are from 4H kids and the two that I have bought in years past were clean, clean, clean. I didn't get to the sale this year because I had already reserved a lilac fleece from Kisikanari's Jacobs and just couldn't justify another full fleece (gotta hate it and yes, it was painful).

It was pouring rain when we got there so the grounds were empty. My dear Aunt Polly wanted some kid mohair so I got about a 1/2 pound for her from Cobblerock Ridge Farm and I also got her a pretty Jacob fleece as a surprise. For me, I got the most delicious lilac Jacob fleece. As usual my photos are terrible, few and mostly of sheep. The last photograph is of the fleeces.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sold: Country Craftsman Spinning Wheel

Here are some pics:

FS: Country Craftsman spinning wheel. It comes with the original distaff, paperwork, and an extra bobbin that I purchased from Detta’s Spindle. The wheel spins like a dream and I hate to see it go but we just don’t have the room The wheel was made by J. Franzek in Littleton, MA; dated 1991. Note the minor separations in the drive wheel; these increase and decrease with weather changes but do not effect the drive band/ spinning. Local pickup only; might be able to deliver or meet up in New England. $350.00; Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking!!!